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Maybe you've heard that Kickstarter and IndiGoGo can take around 10% of your donations in charges and fees (that's $200 of a $2,000 campaign). During beta, you can host your crowdfunding campaign on FundAfter for a flat fee of $50, and only pay credit card processing fees. PayPal, for example, charges 2.75% + $.30 per transaction. With FundAfter and PayPal, you'd save $86 up front, and the more you raise you more you save!

Donation Pages work best with a custom domain name (like Using your custom domain gives the look and feel of a self-hosted crowdfunding site, so all your marketing helps your project and not a 3rd party site like KickStarter or even FundAfter. This way, all your supporters see is your brand--we just get a small link in the footer.

FundAfter supports All-Or-Nothing (Kickstarter style), Flex-Funding (IndiGoGo style) and Indefinite funding models. And once the deadline passes, your Donations Page automatically turns into a traditional FundAfter Follow-Up page. So you'll collect more money overall, too.

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If you're considering a self-hosted crowdfunding solution on your existing WordPress site, talk to us! We can help you with anything from a simple Donate Page to a complex Membership or Backstage system. Let's talk!

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