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  • Stolen Moments Campaign

    Everyone has a story to tell. Our stories are made of a special moments throughout our lives. Stories come from both the good and bad moments. Yet, due to abortion we’ve lost millions of potential moments in our lives. Moments that would be part of our story. Moments that were stolen from all of us.

  • Wanted: The Movie

    “Wanted” tells the story of 17 year old Luke Farnsworth. Two days before his 18th birthday, Luke finds himself in a new home. But before he can get out of the foster system, Luke finds himself faced with the love of a family, and the trauma of his past.

FundAfter is a Christian company (think Chick-Fil-A and Hobby Lobby), and so we operate by a certain set of values (and in beta, are only accepting certain kinds of projects).
Kickstarter is also a company that operates by a certain set of values. They’ve come out in support of some things we don’t:

LGBT propoganda
Genderless bathrooms
Death of the unborn

And now, Kickstarter is officially a “Public Benefit Corporation”–which means that a certain percentage of every dollar of profit will be spent supporting causes like these. If you don’t believe me, check here, here and here. In a nutshell, we don’t support Kickstarter on moral grounds.
However, there’s another great reason to skip Kickstarter: They actively interfere with your projects and goals to push their personal agenda. I believe that Crowdfunding should be a tool to use, not an editor/censor/wealth-redistributor. Kickstarter wants to build a community, and to control it.

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